What does coworker.com do?

We connect people with awesome coworking spaces around the world. You can search by city, country or coworking space name. You can filter by all kinds of stuff, and see prices for daily, weekly and monthly rates. You can also contact coworking spaces directly through the contact form on their page.

Who can add a coworking space?

Anyone can add a coworking space! But because we're collecting a lot of useful info (size, capacity, rates, etc) it's probably best if somebody official adds it, usually the owner / manager / team member of the coworking space.

How do I add my coworking space?

Glad you asked! Head over here to list your coworking space.

Which countries are in you?

ALL OF THEM! Well almost. We're in 700+ cities around the world and growing each day as new coworking spaces are listed.

How much does it cost?

It's 100% free, baby.

What happens once I submit my coworking space?

Once you've filled in the "List Your Space" form and clicked "Submit", it gets sent to our Approvals team for review. We'll edit your description if there are any spelling and grammer mistakes, and polish things up if extra love is needed to bring your page up to scratch. You'll receive an email when it's up.

How do I edit my coworking space listing?

If you submitted your space yourself, log into your user account and click on "My Coworking Spaces" in your profile dashboard. If a community member added your space, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll give you Admin access.

Can I find a coworking space that serves free beer?

Hellz to the yeah! Use our Advanced Filter to search by all kinds essentials, from free beer to standing desks to dual monitors to trampolines.

Got another question?

Hit us up at [email protected]

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