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10 USD /d
Ondernemershuis Paramaribo, Paramaribo

Ondernemershuis Paramaribo


Located in the very heart of the bustling city life and historical inner city of Paramaribo, Unesco World Heritage. Onde... More

5 USD /d
WorkUrMagic, Paramaribo



The First "creative" Space in Paramaribo Suriname. We are located in the heart of the city, and we are here to initiate a... More

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Beautiful designed, inspiring space in the historic city center. Nice atmosphere, relaxing atmosphere. Wi... Show More
Ank Kuipers
Ondernemershuis Paramaribo offers the perfect place for solopreneurs, starting entrepreneurs and other pr... Show More
Marciano Lie A Young
The ideal working space for small companies like us. As we mostly work remotely or from home, every now a... Show More
Vanity Jalink
This is a very inspiring and diverse coworking space. People who work here are very friendly and easygoin... Show More
Mila Bahadoersing

An overlooked part of the world for the adventurous soul looking for an off-the-beaten track experience, Suriname is not at the top of destinations to visit on anyone's bucket list. A small country of South America sitting on its northeastern coast, it is a melting pot of cultures cloaked in Dutch colonial architecture and dense tropical rainforest. It is a sovereign state bordered by Guyana, Brazil and French Guiana that is home to a huge wooden cathedral consecrated in 1885 known as "Saint Peter and Paul Basilica". The smallest country in South America, most of its 585,824 population live on Suriname's north coast where the capital and largest city, Paramaribo, sits. The majority of the population chat in Dutch and its people are amongst the most diverse in the world.

This is no tech startup hub, but a country to get the adrenalin flowing. Of its population 44.4% are connected to the Internet, with all of them jumping onto Facebook. This is a land of rogue gold miners, outlaw timber harvesters and a president accused of murder and convicted for drug smuggling. It is a lawless land where the roads finish about 2 hours outside of the capital and the only choice left is to either take a handmade canoe through nasty creature infested rivers or to jump on board a prop plane with safety records that leave you in doubt about whether you will get to where you want to go.

If you want to find a grisly scene to gawk at then you can head to Fort Zeelandia that was constructed in the 1600s and a century ago was the execution place for many slaves. In 1982, the nicknamed "December Murders" happened at Fort Zeelandia. This was the slaughter of 15 civilians on so-called conspiracy charges, which it has been claimed that the president was involved in.

You may just find a few scorpions wanting to share your bed with you in this fascinating country where you can play Indiana Jones exploring villages inhabited by indigenous tribes that have not changed their way of life in eons.

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