0 Coworking Spaces in Frisco

About Frisco

A town for the ski-bums that wish to work and have coffee breaks on the stark white slopes, or for the hiking enthusiast that happens to be a nomadic professional, Frisco is the place to be. This is where coworking lends itself to a balance of work/life.

Only a small sleepy village of about 2,800 full-time residents, the occupancy swells during winter when glorious and glaringly white snow covers its mountains. From its history of Ute Indians to "mountain men" chasing beaver in the early 1800s, this old mining town is now a haven for meandering coworkers chasing thrills on ski runs, snowboarding or cross country skiing.

There are 4 major ski resorts close to Frisco: Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Keystone and Arapahoe Basin to invade if you don't wish to stay in town. If you need to have more than your laptop to get some work done such as wanting to see your words actually printed out on paper, head to one of the new spaces where you can hang out with likeminded souls. For the local professional, coworking is the opportunity to have an office without being committed to the cost of overheads that can kill any business. Frisco is for the adventurous coworking individual who wants to play in the snow.