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-Home to superstitious people who build round towers made of stones (bangsatap), to ward off bad luck from their villages, Jeju City is unlike anywhere else in Korea. The volcanic island on which Jeju City sits is isolated and their culture and language are distinctly different to the main land. The island is where women would free-dive to harvest abalones, conchs and numerous other marine products, making their society matriarchal, not patriarchal as in traditional Confucianism.

The capital with its own international airport plus a major domestic ferry terminal is located on the island of Jejudo, off the Korean Peninsula in South Korea. Jeju is quite compact, sandwiched between Mt Halla and the coastline. It consists of an old downtown area and a relatively new high-rise commercial zone. Transport signs (think bus and ferry) are poorly marked from a tourist point of view, so you may be better off just sliding on the walking shoes and pounding the pavement.

The city is a tourist haven with swanky hotels and plenty of casinos, for those that like to have a gamble. In fact the airline route between Gimpo and Jeju is one of the busiest in the world as tourists flock from mainland Korea, China and Japan for its unique landscape, eccentric gardens and affordability. This is where you will find the tallest mountain in South Korea, Halla Mountain and you can float off in your mind on a tangent of myths and legends of demi-gods, a lion, King's daughters and egg-shaped boxes.

When the hunger pangs strike hang around the foreshore area at one of the many fish restaurants where you will get fresh seafood like you have never had it before.

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