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The two biggest names associated with Pittsburgh are Carnegie and Heinz - well, those, and companies such as Google, Apple, Bosch, Disney, Uber, Intel, and IBM. All are responsible for bringing billions of dollars of revenue into the city, and earning its place on the 2015 list of the 11 Most Livable Cities in the World.

Despite its steel roots, Pittsburgh is a far more cultured city than one might think. It's filled with renowned museums, medical centers, parks, research facilities, and libraries - as well as being the home of the esteemed Carnegie Mellon University. And nightowls, rejoice - Pittsburgh boasts the most bars per capita in the entire country.

Locals and visitors can get around using both the city's subway or busway (one of the largest in the US). And if you can, try to take a trip around by car -- known as the "City of Bridges," Pittsburgh has a whopping 446 of them (that's three more than Venice, for those who were wondering).

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Coworking in Pittsburgh About Pittsburgh

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Coworker makes it easy to find a great coworking Pittsburgh location, with more than two dozen quality spots to choose from in The Steel City. Renting a shared office space in Pittsburgh puts you in the city that time and again has been rated among the top three places to live in America. The second biggest city in Pennsylvania with a metro population of nearly 2 and a half million people, there are plenty of business opportunities for you to sink your teeth into when you use a shared office in Pittsburgh.

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Though the city built up its roots through pumping out the steel and other natural resources required in the 19th and 20th centuries, shared workspace in Pittsburgh now live in a major American hub for healthcare, education and most importantly, technology industries. A great place to rent a coworking space, Pittsburgh, has successfully transformed into a modern 21st century economic hub well suited for financial development and a great model for other cities to learn from. Coworking in Pittsburgh is a smart way to get in on all the action that this growing city has to offer.

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Whether you’re hoping to find a nice quiet private office space, a full meeting room to host your clients, or just a shared desk to crunch away at your work, we’re sure to have a space for coworking in Pittsburgh that will have the amenities you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a coworking space in Pittsburgh near the former industrial area, now turned tech center anchored by Google, or maybe downtown near the dozens of national headquarters that call the city home, Coworker offers plenty of high quality options for you to choose between. More than 200,000 professionals use Coworker every month to find a workspace. Join these satisfied customers and find your perfect coworking Pittsburgh location today.