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About Ongata Rongai

Located in the Kajiado County of Kenya, Ongata Rongai sits about 17km south of Nairobi and is known locally as "Ronga". A fast growing community with a population of about 66,042 residents, it's home to a huge number of commercial banks including the likes of Barclay's, Bank of Africa, Equity Bank and the lit goes on. Originally occupied by the Maasai ethnic people, the city grew from being a cattle market and a quarry township. A highly populated suburban sprawl it has a diverse population of ethnic communities including Maasai, Kikuyu, Kamba, Luhya, Luo, Kisil and Kalenjin. It's home to a number of education institutions from universities to colleges spewing out tech savvy and hungry youth intent on creating and gathering en masse in coworking venues with other likeminded souls.

Kenya is heating up with it being announced that the country is going to be the scene of the "Next Einstein Forum" (NEF) in 2020. Its ecosystem is one of the oldest and most established on the continent with the construction of Konza Techno City dubbed "Silicon Savannah" expected to further positively impact on the country's tech startup ecosystem. Some say that Kenya is the epicenter of East Africa's tech startup scene with a dynamic entrepreneurial landscape happening that includes accelerators, incubators and innovation hubs.

Coworking venues are adding to the ecosystem with numerous opening in the city famous for its customized public service vehicles known as "pimped matatus" - think animated graphics on the outer body with the inside being a decadent offering of Wi-Fi, numerous speakers and LCD screens for loud music.