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About Triesen

Cloaked in historical churches from the 15th Century, Triesen is the 3rd largest municipality in Liechtenstein with a population of around the 5,120 mark, so you will have plenty of opportunities to hang out and chat to the locals if you haunt one of its cafes or coworking spaces. The town has the highest point of the country within its midst and it sits between the towns of Vaduz, Triesenberg and Balzers.

Triesen's early settlements, according to the archaeologists, were all destroyed by natural disasters such as floods and landslides during the Bronze and the Iron ages. The history buff can still check out a few ancient buildings, such as the oldest chapel in the country from the 9th or early 10th Century, plus a Romanesque building from the 13th Century and there is an 1873 era working-class house to gawk at.

Triesen is definitely no tech hub and it does sit in a country that some border guards are skeptical about its existence, but Liechtenstein is not an imaginary place that you would imagine could be a scene out of the movie "Frozen". It sits in the mountains between Austria and Switzerland, about an hour from Zurich with a capital by the name of "Vaduz". This is where it was considered to be a haven for international wealthy individuals to hide money and evade taxes from their home countries resulting in it having the highest GDP per capita in the world in 2009. Germany and the UK put pressure on Liechtenstein to change and it was about this time that Satoshi Nakamoto rolled out Bitcoin blockchain creating the crypto revolution. Today Liechtenstein wants to seize the leadership of the blockchain-based world and be the place where companies locate and do business. Due to the country's small size and quick moving government, new regulations are being put in place. The government with the private sector is hell bent on creating an ecosystem that is welcoming and enabling to blockchain companies. Coworking venues are but one more little stepping stone in their burgeoning tech scene where money has always been in their banks, let alone in their blood. Liechtenstein does not regulate commodities, which will make it a very attractive destination for many companies around the globe.