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Hamilton has become known as the Steel Capital of Canada, with over 60% of the country's steel produced here. Aside from manufacturing, the city is also a huge center for education and research. It's home to two think tanks, which focus on social architecture, culture, urbanology, economics, and education.

Only an hour away from Toronto and Niagara Falls, Hamilton also offers a quieter destination for gorgeous scenery and vibrant culture. Get some fresh air and enjoy the city's many trails and waterfalls, or explore the growing arts and theater scene downtown. (Two must-see venues are the Hamilton Media Arts Centre on James Street and the Downtown Arts Centre on Rebecca Street.

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Coworking in Hamilton About Hamilton

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Hamilton is part of the grand mecca of Southern Ontario, and offers an exciting big-city feel without the immensity of capital cities. Halfway between Niagara Falls and Toronto, Hamilton is nestled along the edge of lake Ontario, and offers something for everyone. Coworking in Hamilton means access to incredible restaurants, entertainment, sports events, as well as being a quick and easy driving distance to the US border, the provincial capital, and many outdoor activities and nature spots. The culture in Hamilton continues to blossom and grow as the city expands and diversifies. Become a part of this marvelous transforming city, and rent a Hamilton shared office space.  

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Depending on the specific needs of your company, Coworker can offer various services and amenities for those coworking in Hamilton. Possible options include reception services, printing and scanning services, high speed internet and WiFi access, meeting rooms and conference space, to name a few. A Hamilton coworking space is an elegant solution for those that do not require or fit the traditional office set-up. For ultimate flexibility, peruse our wide selection of shared offices in Hamilton, so you can get to work!

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If you are considering renting a shared workspace in Hamilton, Coworker is the right choice. Our alternative work spaces span the globe, so regardless of where you want to work, chances are, Coworker is ready and waiting to help your company get to work. We have helped over 6 million people find suitable work situations, from tiny start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and this includes Hamilton coworking space of course. See what the fuss is all about, and book a Hamilton shared office space today.