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Zug, Dammstrasse 19

CHF 555 / pp / month

Zug, Baarerstrasse 14-16

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Zug, Baarerstrasse 135

CHF 471 / pp / month

Zug, Bösch 73

CHF 588 / pp / month

Zug, Dammstrasse 16

CHF 600 / pp / month

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Coworking in Zug About Zug

An affluent urban city sprawl, the capital city of Zug sits in the canton of the same name. Its locals yabber away in the local Alemannic Swiss German dialect, so you may have to brush up on your hand miming skills if you want to ask for directions to a coworking venue from one of its 30,205 inhabitants. It's a low tax region where plenty of multinational enterprises have their headquarters and from where its famous drink "Kirsch" is splashed around the world. An innovative city, Zug is a driving force in innovating with future technologies even to the point of the city council accepting payments in digital currency. It has been referred to as "Crypto Valley" due to a large number of companies engaged in cryptocurrency. It's a beautiful old town with plenty of historical buildings to poke your nose into and the snowy peaks of the Bernese Oberland to gawk at on your way home from a buzzing coworking space.

Switzerland is not all about chocolate and cowbells ringing, as it's a country of tech savvy souls and home to global banks plus 15 Fortune 500 companies. No wonder coworking spaces have opened their doors in this area when the whole country's population has adopted technology. The advantage of working in Zug is the fact that you can take a stroll along the lake's promenade or indulge in some cross-country skiing when you need a break from your laptop.

Coworking in Zug About Zug

Coworking Spaces in Zug, Switzerland

It’s hard to find a more scenic country in Europe than Switzerland. This small city on the outskirts of Zurich certainly lives up to that standard, making coworking in Zug a memorable experience for anyone lucky enough to try it. With a population of just over 30,000, the city has made itself a center for business through its acceptance of digital currencies and its openness to incorporating new businesses, making shared office spaces in Zug a very popular option for a local of such a small size. Often referred to as the Crypto Valley, the city is ripe with economic opportunity. Renting a shared office in Zug allows you access to this burgeoning European digital market destination.

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Though coworking spaces in Zug put you in the heart of this modern European district, the city’s history dates as far back as the year 600, offering a lush history to sink your teeth into. You can work in your shared office space in Zug in the morning and in the afternoon go tour the Zug Castle in the afternoon. Of course, coworking in Zug also lets you enjoy the clear blue waters of the lake the city is nestled up to. Coworker is proud to offer listings for coworking spaces in Zug, and with great partners like Regus, you can be sure that your experience will be a quality one.

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Whether you’re looking to find a nice quiet private office space, or you need a full meeting room to host your clients, Coworker will help you find a coworking space in Zug that meets all your needs. Locating the perfect space for coworking in Zug is made easy with our intuitive search function. You can even search for a coworking space in Zug using our map option, allowing you to pick the best location for your purposes. More than 200,000 professionals use Coworker every month to find a workspace. Join these satisfied customers and find your perfect coworking space in Zug today.