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If by some chance you are chasing a book bound in human skin (aka really odd folks) then you have come to the right town, as the Brown University's John Hay Library has 3 of them.

Founded in 1636, Providence is one of the oldest cities in the United States sitting on Rhode Island at the mouth of the Providence River on the head of Narragansett Bay. Once nicknamed the "Beehive of Industry", the city is now rebranding itself as the "Creative Capital" due to its educational resources and thriving arts community. You will find the most coffee, donut shops and restaurants per capita in the country due to the discerning food graduates from the culinary fields of Johnson and Wales University in the state that is the largest silverware manufacturer in the world.

The capital of Rhode Island is a bit on the eccentric side, from a wealth of historical sights to being an artistic hub with a colorful political history of distinct ethnic and cultural diversity. A rich intellectual scene is provided by the local students of Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design and Providence College in the town. The restaurants and dining are definitely a serious matter, for where else would you find a Culinary Arts Museum, but in Providence.

Talk about quirky, there is a 12 ft high totem pole to gawk at, built entirely of 1,000 guns surrendered during the buy-back program. If you are lucky you might have a ghostly experience at The Biltmore Hotel, the most haunted spot in Providence because of the murders that happened there during the Prohibition years. It actually was the inspiration for Steven King's "Overlook Hotel" and "Bates Motel" by Robert Bloch. You can wallow in the largest "gay" bathhouse in New England if you are so inclined, but don't attempt to jump off a bridge in Providence to get wet, as it is illegal. You should make sure that you take a stroll down Benefit Street as it is known as the "Mile of History". It contains the largest single collection of unmoved historical buildings in one place from Art Deco and Beaux-Art styles.

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