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Merida, Torre Magnia

MX$2,000 / pp / month

Merida, 101B Calle 19

MX$200 / pp / day

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A vibrant city in the state of Yucatan with a rich Mayan and colonial heritage, Merida is about 32km off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico with a population of around the 892,363 mark. There are actually 3 other cities that share the same name being in Spain, the Philippines and Venezuele, so don't get them confused. It has a hotchpotch mix of Mayan, French, British, Spanish, Lebanese and Dutch influences throughout its streets with the city's focal point being the Plaza de la Independencia. This is where you can sit and sip espresso as you watch the passing parade of people when you have had enough of being holed up in your coworking space and need some fresh air.

Merida is the financial and cultural capital of the Yucatan Peninsula with one of the largest historical districts in the Americas. Its streets are lined with colonial homes and many people are reclaiming its past by moving into old buildings and reviving them to their former glory. Colonial-era churches have been built by using relics from ancient Mayan temples and the "Casa de Montejo"; a 16th Century mansion is an icon for plateresque architecture. The city was founded in 1542 and built on the site of a Maya city. It is believed that Merida is the oldest continually occupied city in the Americas.

Merida sits in the country that is the 5th biggest Facebook user in the world, with one third of its population under the age of 25. Mexico is one of Latin America's up-and-coming tech giants receiving significant capital, almost a quarter of all of the venture capital funds in Latin America in 2017 to grow its tech ecosystem. It has been an entry point and huge market for global tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Uber. This is a city that historians adore, locals love and now that coworking venues have appeared, globetrotters may just linger longer than you expected.