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Nanjing, 89 Han Zhong Lu

CN¥1,200 / pp / month

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With a metro population approaching 12,000,000 people, Nanjing — the second largest city in East China — is both a rich base of history and culture and a bustling core of industry and commerce. Serving as the capital of various Chinese dynasties, kingdoms, and governments dating from the third century to as recently as 1949, Nanjing is one of the most impressive cities in China. More recently, Nanjing has become an international hub of industry, science, and education, and is ranked as one of the world’s top 100 cities by Global Financial Centers Index.

Nanjing hosts some of the most incredible historic sites in East China, including Ming Palace, Porcelaine Tower, and Fuzimiao Confuscious Temple. Alongside these sites are spaces of stunning natural beauty, such as Xuanwu Lake and Purple Mountain. Nanjing is a city that belongs on everyone’s bucket list.

Nanjing caters excellently to remote workers, with a vast selection of coworking spaces and other flexible workspaces. Embracing the concept of SPaaS, Nanjing recognizes the needs of both start-ups and traditional large scale industries. In such an important epicenter of commerce and innovation, hybrid offices and space-as-a-service ensure there is a space for everyone.

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