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About Ogre

The principal town of the Ogre Municipality, Ogre sits in Central Latvia where the Daugava and Ogre Rivers meet only 36km east of the nation's capital Riga. Founded in 1928 it encompasses the areas of Jaunogre (New Ogre), Ogre (the heart of the town) and Parogre (across the river). Ogre was first mentioned in writing in 1206 and it took until 1861 for the town to be connected by railway. In 1862 there was a flurry of activity when Riga's residents built summer cottages in the region, as it had become more of a health resort than a town per se. This is where there is an oak tree planted by the Russian Empress, Catherine I, in honor of a girl who was born into an indentured family who later ran away and became the ruler of Russia. Ogre has numerous sites to poke your nose around plus an incredible park with over 7,000 plants. If you are feeling energetic you can climb 100 steps up the hill to appreciate a carpet of water lilies. You may have to brush up on your German to be understood by the 23,533 locals you may bump into in the streets, whilst sipping coffee or hanging out in a coworking venue.

Latvia's small capital of Riga is where you will find the majority of the country's 300 startups, but most cities appear to have their own dynamic entrepreneurial communities happening. The government has instigated initiatives to attract businesses and it's the first county in the area to have special laws for startups. High tech companies are now playing a bigger role with many companies focusing on tech in the green energy and chemical markets. Latvia has a young tech scene with an ecosystem very much in its early stages. In spite of this, it's united and collaborative with potential to grow in the future.

Coworking venues are providing its creative souls the space to mingle and where they can get some work done before heading off to slurp on a Raiviks, the local beer.