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Once the capital of the former British Honduras, Belize City is the largest city in Belize and referred to by some as the “historical capital” of the country. Its charismatic, ramshackle streets are alive with plenty of colorful locals who personify every demographic of Belize’s ethnic make-up, including Creole, Chinese, Lebanese, Hindu, Latino, Garifuna, and the original East Indian descendants and the Maya. Since the city was once a pirate town and logging port, Belize City maintains this type of historic vibe in its narrow streets and older architecture. And as the country’s largest urban area and busiest metropolitan center, Belize City features everything from colonial homes and seaside parks to sailboats and thriving shopping areas.

Though Belize City hasn’t been known as the safest of urban centers, the local government has gone to great lengths in recent years to make the city welcoming for tourists. Now, the city is home to coworking spaces and shared offices, welcoming business travelers from all over the world. The areas in Belize City most frequented by visitors are now well-patrolled and safe—especially the area around the Fort Street Tourism Village, the international airport, and the historic downtown where water taxis, the St. John Anglican Cathedral, and the Museum of Belize are all located.

If you are thinking about spending time in this vibrant city, Belize City is becoming a hotspot for coworkers who are looking for a relaxing, affordable location that’s warm year-round. After working at one of Belize City’s coworking spaces, you can experience many unique cultural events, such as Garifuna Settlement Day (November 19), Belize City Carnival (September), and Baron Bliss Day (March 9). In fact, many compare Belize City to other Caribbean capital cities, like St. George’s, Grenada, or Georgetown.

There’s never a shortage of hustle and bustle in this fascinating city, so why not make your next adventure in coworking include a spot in Belize City? Check out our interactive map to explore your options!

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