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250 MXN /d
YO.KOworking, Puebla



We have everything need to develop your professional activity or start your project. Entrepreneur in a cool environment, ... More

15 USD /d
Nest Coworking, Playa del Carmen

Nest Coworking


Nest Coworking is Mexico’s hippest Coworking space, this branch situated in the coastal resort town of Playa Del Carmen... More

8 USD /d
Technology HUB, Juarez

Technology HUB


Grown from the building that once housed the US Consulate in Juarez, “Technology Hub” will be a first of its kind ent... More

PÚBLICO, Mexico City



PÚBLICO, is a Mexican company that is dedicated to adapting workspaces with all the services included. Our spaces range ... More

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La decoración y el inmobiliario está increíble, hacen la combinación perfecta de trabajar y divertirs... Show More
Andii Ibarra
Me parecio un muy buen lugar para trabajar, tiene una excelente ubicacion (periferico, revolucion, barran... Show More
Yair Lopez
Es un espacio muy padre de trabajo, por sus instalaciones y el ambiente. Me gusta porque tiene todo tip... Show More
Luisa Bravo
Es un espacio con un buen ambiente de trabajo, las personas son cálidas y humanistas. Las instalaciones ... Show More
Mystery Coworker

Mexico wears 2 faces, one tied to the old world and the other speeding ahead into a digital future. Internationally known for its Gulf of Mexico and Pacific beaches, it is also a drug-fueled environment of cartels where personal safety has to be a priority.

Dressed in mountains, deserts, jungles, ancient cities (think Teothuacan - Aztec, Chichen Itza - Mayan) and Spanish colonial towns, there is also a plethora of upscale shops to duck into, incredible museums to mosey around and contemporary restaurants and funky bars to indulge in. Sitting in the southern half of North America, it is bordered by the United States, Guatemala, Belize, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Classified as a newly industrialized country with an upper-middle income, it is a regional power and the 9th most visited country in the world (32.1 million annually), probably due to it having so many UNESCO World Heritage Sites (6th in the world).

Mexico has a population of 123,166,749 with 56% connected to the Internet and all of them jumping onto Facebook, giving Mexico the largest number of Internet users in Spanish speaking countries. The speed of connection is definitely under par compared to the world average and there are little or no acts of censorship in relation to the Internet.

There is a heightened sense of excitement in relation to its tech industry that already accounts for approximately 30% of the capital city's economy. School programs are being implemented to encourage STEM training, building a tech zone and municipal infrastructure. Mexico is being seen as one of the most important hubs for digital journalism, as many international journalists decide to hit Mexico's ground running with their own startups such as SinEmbargo, El Daily Post and Horizontal in spite of serious threats from criminal groups and heavy-handed politicians.

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