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About Colima

A city with plenty of options for you to get up to when you have had enough of slaving away in your coworking enclave, Colima City sits in the State of the same name in central-western Mexico. It is one of the state's most important commerce and distribution hubs with more than two thirds of its population employed in commerce and services within the city. The city is ranked as one of the most livable small cities in Mexico for its quality of life, infrastructure, economic potential, human resources plus a few other factors. Mexico is one of Latin-America's thriving tech giants that receives significant capital to grow its tech ecosystem. It has been an entry point and huge market for global tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Uber, so it is no wonder coworking venues are opening their doors to cater to its locals' needs.
When you have time-out there are plenty of sights to intrigue and interest in its historic center where you can sip espresso watching the passing parade. This square known as the "Jardin Libertad" and has plenty of leafy trees and lots of greenery to give you a healthy dose of fresh oxygenated air to clear the cobwebs from your buzzing brain. Restaurants are everywhere with many dishing up traditional fare such as white pozole (soup) to tatemado (think marinated pork stew). You can grab an ice cream from a shop that has been scooping it up since 1944 or gawk at the street musicians and artists lining the streets.

Mexico was the first country in Latin America to pass a law to regulate fintech, thereby preventing money laundering and corruption. It is the 5th biggest Facebook user in the world. Mexico City's population is around the 22 million plus mark with over one third of its population under the age of 25. Coworking in Colima City is a dream scenario for many, especially when their government has distributed up to US$658 million to over 620,000 entrepreneurs in an attempt to jumpstart the entrepreneurial ecosystem.