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Santo Domingo is the oldest European city of the New World. Overflowing with history, tourist attractions, friendly locals and a throbbing nightlife, you definitely won't get bored if you pitch your tent here for a while, especially as the beach is only 45 minutes away by bus.

Coworking spaces have yet to take hold, but there are a few dotted around plus a number of coworking office scenarios for the local professionals or for those who plan to startup business here.

The capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo's walled cobblestoned heart "Zona Colonial" is awash in buildings from the 1500s including a cathedral that was the first built in the New World. For those into history, Santo Domingo had the America's first hospital and university plus a church and monastery.

There is the oldest surviving European fortress to gawk at and wall-to-wall cafes at the Plaza de España in the Alcázar de Colón palace, which is now a museum displaying notable medieval and Renaissance art. Sitting on the southern central coastline it has been said that the weather is an "eternal summer" with temperatures hovering around 82ºF / 27ºC during winter and in summer 86ºF / 30ºC.

A collage of neighbourhoods and cultures, the cacophony of its streets from backfiring mufflers and blasting horns is super intense. You will have funky bars and elegant restaurants to wander into and you can bluff your way through with whatever Spanish you know when ordering tasty local dishes such as quipes or tipili.

An urban city, Santo Domingo is a thriving metropolis slash seaside resort slash business, political and media hub with a laid-back vibe. Use the interactive map above to search coworking spaces in Santo Domingo.