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A city in the Alameda County of California, Pleasanton is actually a suburb in the San Franciso Bay Area about 40km east of Oakland. Ranked as one of the top 50 Best Cities to live in, it's the 3rd wealthiest city in terms of earnings. This was in stark contrast to its humble beginnings in the 1850s when it was a haunt of desperados and bandits - think main street shootouts. Home to the headquarters of Safeway, Blackhawk Network Holdings and numerous other companies, Pleasanton has a population of about 70,285. It's home to a large AT&T campus spewing out tech-savvy souls who hang out in coworking venues or who gravitate toward major operators such as Sage Software, Hitachi High RTechnologies America Inc,

Known for its abundance of restaurants, cafes and shopping malls, business parks and a buzzy downtown scene, Pleasanton has its own thriving tech scene in line with most cities in California. The state has a lot of brains walking its streets, as the California Institute of Technology generates more patents and startups than any other university. California has a growing generation of tech innovators, a varied ecosystem and diverse influences leading to innovation.

Pleasanton is a great place to live, hence its locals have no desire to move out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Coworking venues have made the city a viable place to live and work, without the need to relocate to the big smoke.