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About Erwin

Erwin is a city in the county of Unicoi of Tennessee with a small population of 6,097, so you definitely won't get lost when out and about in the town. Apparently its name occurred due to a typo error when the name was recorded in 1879, as it was meant to be "Ervin". The mistake was never corrected. A town of quirky things, as it earned some infamy in 1916 when it became the site of the only known public execution of an elephant. Apparently the elephant had taken a dislike to its handler and killed the person. The use of a crane was required for such an execution. Today the town redeems itself by holding an annual festival that raises funds for the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald. Coworking venues are opening up in the town making it possible for the creative adrenalin junkies to get excited about creating their new tech business or as merely a spot to get some work done where they can run into the wilds when the urge takes hold.

The city is surrounded by the Cherokee National Forest and mountains rear up in all directions that you look. It sits in a valley where the North Indian Creek and the Nolichucky River meet that has a narrow gorge popular with whitewater rafters. Erwin is a town for those who love to be outdoors and have no desire to trade their lifestyle for that of a city folk. If you don't want to get your feet wet in the water then you can head to the Appalachian Trail that passes east of the city and chat to the local ghost that hangs around "Moaning Rock", believed to be the spirit of a murdered stranger.

The tech titans such as Facebook, Apple and Amazon are dominating the playing field in America leaving less room for innovators to break into the American startup scene. With a mature ecosystem, the fledgling startups of today need to dream bigger, get craftier and widen their imaginations to capture a new market space. Coworking venues are providing the space for collaboration for the tech savvy souls who have the hope and the will to succeed, or the space to work for remote workers.