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The 2nd most populated city in the Larimer County of Colorado, Loveland sits about 74km north of Denver and south of Fort Collins, its closest neighbor. Both Loveland and Fort Collins have gradually expanded towards each other over the decades and are now basically considered to be a single metropolitan area by the U.S. government. With a name such as "Loveland" it's no wonder that the city is home to the "Valentine Re-Mailing Program" that began in 1947. Its population of 72,651 souls of which many are artists can be found sipping espresso in cafes, hiking in the mountains or hanging out in a coworking venue getting creative.

Loveland has received numerous awards as a great place to live and is simply littered with education institutions both public and private spawning the next generation of tech savvy souls. A thriving art scene led to over 150 pieces of sculpture perched in the Benson Park Sculpture Garden where there are also other pieces of artwork and murals to gawk at. A major business hub for northern Colorado, it's the main access route to get to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

A bedroom community for commuters who work in many different directions, such as Boulder and Westminster, it does have its own intrepid souls who have no desire to swap their adventurous lifestyles for the stifling and stuffy living of a city person. As Loveland is located in the state of Colorado, there is plenty happening within its buzzing startup community. Colorado is listed as one of the best places for tech jobs and many large corporations are discussing about opening corporate offices in the region due to its affordability when compared to other states. It appears that Colorado is primed for the digital market due to its young population and constantly growing high-tech sector. Here there is a millennial in-migration, an educated workforce, an entrepreneurial business culture and an amazing quality of life on offer with plenty of coworking venues to blissfully work in.