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About Zofingen

A city in the canton of Aargau and the capital of the district of the same name, it was founded in 1201 by the counts of Frohburg. A walled city and home to an ancient monastic settlement, you will have to brush up on your German to be understood here, although there is a smattering of Italian and Portuguese thrown around. Zofingen is famous for its beautiful Old Town that has gardens perched on the surrounding ancient walls and the Heiternplatz square at the top of the city's hill. Amongst its cobblestoned alleys, coworking venues are opening their doors to accommodate its innovative local population, as well as the souls that need to get some work done as they traipse through the town.

History buffs can wet their pants at the sight of Baroque buildings that gradually replaced the 17th and 18th Century medieval houses, the town's landmark of its church with Romanesque and late Gothic sections and the manor on a former Roman country estate with mosaic floors. This quaint town of 21 fountains of tinkling water is ranked as one of the most stunning in the whole country. Today it is home to several large companies including Ringier that is one of the largest media corporations in the country.

Switzerland offers a high standard of living with low tax rates and its tech savvy youth prefer to stay on their home patch once they have finished their education. The country is home to many global banks and 15 Fortune 500 companies. Leading organizations such as Ringier are getting more interested in the local startup scene by way of organizing innovation labs, scouting around for talented individuals at startup events and partnering, funding and even acquiring homegrown startups. It is little wonder then that coworking has come to Zofingen under the watchful eye of Ringier.