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380 ETB /d
iceaddis, Addis Ababa



The first innovation hub and coworking space in Ethiopia, iceaddis is where there’s a community of techies, entrepreneu... More

402.5 ETB /d
blueSpace, Addis Ababa



blueSpace was created to promote an exciting new upscale business space, to enhance doing business in Ethiopia. Besides o... More

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Everybody at iceaddis is extremely entrepreneurial and collaborative. The members make it a very positive... Show More
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Excellent facilities right in the center of Addis Ababa with a friendly and open atmosphere. As a regular... Show More
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A great co-working space with first class amenities. It's truly a perfect place start our web business. B... Show More
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The ancient land of Ethiopia is a landlocked country that is split by the Great Rift Valley in the Horn of Africa. This is the land to place your feet on soil whispering of ancient traditions, gaze upon 12th-13th century rock-cut churches and to visit Aksum or more to the point its ruins, cloaked in the rubble of obelisks, tombs and castles. A country that has suffered from communist purges and bloody civil wars, its economy is only in its infancy of recovery.

A rural country, Ethiopia is attempting to update its telecommunication infrastructure, but the country's rural population landscape and the government's refusal to privatize the telecommunications market is put a dampening on this. With an Internet penetration rate of only 3.7% and a state owned telecommunication corporation, Ethiopia is lagging behind. There is however an active community of bloggers and online journalists tapping away and playing an important role for news sources. With Internet access only available 10 to 20 percent of the time and a super slow connecting speed, you have to queue to jump onto one of the prized computers at the few Internet cafes dotted around the main towns.

Ethiopia has just had its first mobile learning platform in 2015, so maybe the Ethiopian calendar that is 7 years and about 3 months behind the Gregorian calendar can be blamed for its disconnection with startup ecosystem developments in other parts of Africa. Or, it is simply the government and its policies, especially when you consider that there is still bloodshed happening on its Kenyan borders.

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