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Fukui Prefecture Industry Research Center in Fukui

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About Fukui

Fukui is awash in tech savvy youth, as it is home to the Fukui Prefectural University, the University of Fukui, the Fukui University of Technology, the Jin-ai Women's College and the Fukui College of Health Sciences. With so much brain power running around its streets, it is little wonder that Fukui has joined the global movement in relation to entrepreneurship with an increasing number of its locals leaving corporate jobs to either found their own startups or to join IT companies. Startups are no longer a "Plan B" approach for its students or creatives, with many startups having the privilege of being able to stay private for a long time with sizable rounds of funding generating growth, rather than having to go public too soon and coming unstuck in an attempt to please shareholders. Coworking venues are opening their doors giving Fukui's locals the place to run to for support and where they can collaborate and mingle with likeminded souls.

With a mixed economy, Fukui has a population of around the 264,217 mark all living in a small central area surrounded by rural plains and mountains. Once a part of the ancient Echizen Province, it developed into a castle town and the heart of the Fukui Domain during the Edo period of the Tokugawa shogunate. The city has had to bounce back numerous times as it was mostly destroyed during World War II and again was devastated by a major earthquake in 1948.

Many of Japan's startups are getting into health care, agritech Internet of Things, enterprise software and artificial intelligence, let alone those chasing government funding for their vision to achieve commercial development on the moon. From dreaming of space unicorns to maybe just getting a bit of work done, coworking venues are the place where the locals are hanging out, sharing ideas and getting their dreams into the space of reality, whether it is with the man on the moon or not.