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About San Marino

One of the smallest countries in the world, San Marino is also one of the wealthiest in regard to GDP. Those doing business in San Marino will benefit from operating in a highly stable economy. San Marino’s economy is also flourishing with the state consistently posting budget surpluses as well as boasting one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. Most of the action in San Marino occurs in its Unesco-listed capital, also named San Marino. The capital hosts a coworking space for those looking for a place to focus and network. Several more coworking spaces are also a reasonable commute away in nearby Italian cities.

San Marino is becoming a solid option to base your business as well. Recent legislative actions have meaningfully decreased the taxes and barriers to entry of doing business in San Marino. With an economy reliant on banking, electronics, services, ceramics, and tourism, there are diverse opportunities for the hungry entrepreneur. After you put some work into your business, however, you deserve to get fed. At that time, consider trying some of San Marino’s exceptional locally produced wine and cheese. Considering the tremendous wealth in the country, you’re likely to bump into a potentially valuable connection each time you go out.

Apart from a thriving economy and educated workforce,  San Marino also offers an excellent standard of living. The Mediterranean climate is comfortable most days of the year. Though the majority language is Italian, knowing either English or Russian would be enough to easily get by. Coworking in San Marino offers you high personal safety standards, as well as excellent security for your business.