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The Atrium in Saint Thomas

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About Saint Thomas

A city in Southwestern Ontario located at the intersection of 2 historical roads; Saint Thomas was first settled in 1810 and named after Thomas Talbot who helped to promote the development of the region during the 19th Century. If you are into a touch of quirky then Saint Thomas has a life-size statue of "Jumbo", a circus elephant that was believed to have been the world's biggest elephant at the time, think 1885. He died in Saint Thomas after being hit by a locomotive and his statue was erected in 1985 in commemoration of this tragic event. There is no report of what happened to the locomotive. That aside, coworking venues have opened their doors on the streets of Saint Thomas where you won't be pestered by any larger than life elephants.

Saint Thomas is said to be one of the best cities to live in for its quality of life, affordable homes, access to healthcare, low taxes and crime rates. As with the rest of Canada, the city has its fair share of people who choose to work remotely forgoing the big city smog for a better life/work balance. Canada has actually had a huge community of IT people involved in artificial intelligence, clean technology and health care for years. It is now empowering new companies to get onto the global stage and the country is becoming a hot spot for hosting tech industry events bringing together the world's best innovators and international talent.

Canada is becoming the place to head to for startups, talented tech entrepreneurs and investors. With so many coworking spaces opening their doors to cater to the influx of brainpower, it is little wonder that more and more venues are springing up.