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Recife, 14th Floor Edificio JCPM Trade Center

R$779 / pp / month

Recife, Rua Padre Carapuceiro, 858


Recife, Rua do Bom Jesus, 180. Recife, Brasil

R$80 / pp / day

Recife, 560 Avenida Boa Viagem

R$55 / pp / day

Recife, Rua João Eugênio de Lima 143


Recife, Rua do Futuro, 564 - Aflitos, 52050-005 Recife, Brazil

R$590 / pp / month

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About Recife

If you like to down a drop of scotch whiskey, then Racife is the place to be, as it has the highest consumption per head in the world of this delicious liquid. It is the city where standing and gazing out of a doorway occupies 70% of the locals' time more so than working. The only book of fiction you can read on public transport is the Bible and if you don't have a Jesus or God sticker on your car, you will pay 30% more for the gas to run it. Probably the only city in the world where there is no Irish Bar, apparently Recife is basically over run by women with hairy armpits.

Everyone has a close relation named "Maria" and church bells don't ring on the hour, Recife appears to have no rules that are adhered to by the locals at all. Despite the fact that craziness seems to be in the air that is breathed in this city, Recife attracts hordes of tourists for its stunning beaches and historical sites that date back to the Portuguese and the Dutch when they colonized the area. The historic center of Olinda was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 and Porto de Galinhas beach sitting 60 km south, repeatedly wins the best beach in the whole of Brazil title.

So for the scotch drinking sun bunnies that aspire to be historians, Recife is definitely the place to be.

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