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About Salto

Nicknamed the "Switzerland of Latin America", Uruguay is where you will find the city of Salto sitting in the northwest bordering Argentina on the Uruguay River. It is the second largest city with a laid-back attitude and some 19th Century architecture to gawk at. You can meander along the pretty waterfront area when you need moments of inspiration or soak in a hot spring to get the brain waves buzzing for when you return to your coworking venue.

Considered to be the least corrupt country of all of Latin America, Uruguay has a stable democracy that is friendly to foreign investors. It has no limits on fund transfers and no foreign exchange controls, which can be a lure to startups and entrepreneurs. The country has authorized abortion, gay marriage and cannabis production control, plus a predisposition for technology innovation with a favorable legal frame for the use of virtual currencies.

Salto, along with the rest of the country, has a promising startup scene due to its open and political risk free attitude. Software development ranks as the country's second biggest exports and it has free trade agreements with Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. There is however a lack of local investors for this small market, but it is the perfect laboratory to develop a prototype and test the market validity.

Its promising and emerging tech hub is reflected in the number of coworking venues appearing to cater to the demand of the creative locals or the wandering souls with laptops on their backs. Salto has a culture of change and along with the rest of Uruguay will benefit immensely from the Government Innovation Agency's step to invest in the creation of a whole incubator network to support the country's startup scene.