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2000 JPY /d
Osakan Space, Osaka

Osakan Space


Located in the heart of Osaka’s bustling business district, with many local eats and even a Starbucks, all within a few... More

2000 JPY /d
Ginza Hub, Tokyo

Ginza Hub


So you're thinking of starting your own business, or working on a big project. But where can you do that? You could work ... More

1500 JPY /d
The SNACK, Tokyo



Less than 5 minutes stroll from Ginza station, hidden away behind a suspicious looking door in the Mori building, that on... More

1080 JPY /d
Kowakura, Nishinomiya



Kowakura is a coworking space located in the city of Nishinomiya, Hyogo prefecture, just in front of Shukugawa station. I... More

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Lovely staff, but limited English. FYI for day pass visitors you only have access to one common room and ... Show More
Moira D
The Hive is my favorite coworking space in Tokyo yet. The space is sunny with lots of windows and nice g... Show More
Benjamin Watanabe
全体的におすすめです。コワーキングスペースという殺伐した感じではなく、... Show More
Kanehiro Yoshida
I enjoy the atmosphere in this coworking space, it's has a fresh look and is very clean. Nice and central... Show More
Rickard Johansson

We have Japan to thank for the invention of the Walkman and the bullet train - not China that didn't even have a tech industry at that time. Sadly Japan is now lagging behind the Chinese in relation to Internet startups, such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, that is a global powerhouse. Japan is praying that its hobbling economy that was once a dominant technology industry will get a boost from its budding tech savvy entrepreneurs.

Overflowing with high-rise buildings, imperial palaces, thousands of temples and shrines and mountainous national parks, Japan is known for its traditional dish of sushi. The bustling and chaotic capital of Tokyo stands at odds with the Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and cherry blossoms of Kyoto. An island country in East Asia sitting in the Pacific Ocean it is often referred to as the "Land of the Rising Sun".

Japan's once rigid and stuffy corporate approach to business is now being challenged by the individualism of its digital startup companies. As of June 2016 there were 115,111,595 (91% of its population) Internet users in Japan with 26,000,000 Facebook users - probably uploading selfies. Tokyo seems to be a bit of a hub for the tech savvy young to gather and network, despite the fact that Japan lacks the necessary ecosystem. The government has pledged to get behind the digital startups and has instigated funding programs, whilst the top universities have launched incubators. It is believed that there are still relatively few young people willing to risk going it alone as a startup when there is the opportunity for a secure job at a big company. Going the safe route is inherent in their culture.

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