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About Artanish

A little village in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia, you may have to brush up on your Armenian language skills if you are not proficient in throwing your hands around. Artanish is a quaint town of only 735 residents scoffing down lamb dumplings at home, indulging in droolworthy baklava in cafes or getting busy in a coworking venue. It's home to over 111 species of butterflies if you want to run around counting them. Located west of the city there are the ruins of a cyclopean fortress plus a church and cemetery to put a smile on the face of the history buff. The area is choked with mountains dominated by the Gegham Mountains in the west, the Vardenis Mountains in the south, the Sevan Mountains in the east and the Miapor Mountains in the northeast with the Kenats Mountains in the north. Make sure you have your thermal undies handy, as it's cold and snowy in the winter.

Armenia is becoming not just a cultural and touristic destination, but is being seen as the country for ongoing investment, growth and inspiration with plenty of big opportunities. The country has had 2 decades of consistent growth overcoming its years of brain drain and struggles in the 1990s. The tech workforce annual productivity in 2017 was $50K, which is 12.5 times more than the country's GDP per capita. The county ranks 8th on the global stage for ease of starting a business and the government is proactive in supporting tech entrepreneurship with tax incentives. Once a source of talent, Armenia today is the destination "for" talent.

Armenia has become a hot spot for tech professionals in engineering and business development with many hanging out in collaborative bliss in coworking venues.