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A mountainous landlocked country in Asia, Tajikistan's capital is Dushanbe, which sits on the Varzob River. Historically a small village, the surrounding area is an outdoor enthusiasts playground. Tajikistan is covered in lakes and mountains with the largest glacier in the world - other than the polar regions - namely Fedchenko Glacier that covers more than 700 square kilometers. There are also over 900 rivers longer than 10 kilometers and 2 UNESCO world heritage sites to meander around - one of them being the Pamir National Park (aka Tajik National Park). The country is only slightly larger than England and yet has the same population as London.

Tajikistan has a turbulent history from being a part of the ancient Persian Empire, being ruled by Uzbeks and then Afghans, followed by Russia and from 1929 to 1961 it was known as Stalinabad. The official language is Tajiki and its national drink is "green tea". In ancient times Dushanbe was on the major trade route, "The Silk Road", between China and Europe. The country's national sport is a form of traditional wrestling "gushtigiri", whilst its national dish is "osh" (aka pilaf) a rice dish created with shredded yellow turnip or carrot and pieces of meat, fried together in mutton fat in a special wok-shaped cauldron over an open flame.

If you are into rock or ice climbing, mountaineering and being in the wilds, more so than tapping on your laptop in a coworking venue, then Dushanbe is the place to be.

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