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About Vagamo

A village more than a "city", Vagamo sits in Vaga municipality of Oppland County cloaked in national parks. You won't get lost meandering its streets, as there are only 1,463 residents playing on the shores of the Otta River, boating Vagavatn Lake or heading off to a coworking venue to get industrious. You can swan around the local museum if you wish to delve into a bit of history or head to the historical "Klones farm" dating back to the 15th Century where you will also find the school and lots of horses milling around. Many of the traditional homes are designated historic landmarks, as the village and the surrounding county was first mentioned in "The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway" (the old Norse saga) going back to the middle of the 1100s. Historically a farming community, it's also been where mammoth (think huge extinct hairy elephants and long tusks) remains have been unearthed. Perched in the mountains separating Eastern and Western Norway, Vaga is the national
hang-gliding and para-gliding hub of Norway.

Vagamo may not be a tech hub per se, but at least you will get to know your neighbors intimately, be able to take to the sky during a break from bending over your laptop in a coworking venue and tuck into some reindeer stew by the fireplace in the winter. Norway does have a fast growing tech scene despite the fact that it once lagged behind the other Nordic countries. The government is supporting the tech scene with programs to facilitate entrepreneurship such as "Innovation Norway" and the country is gaining a reputation for being a great place to launch a startup. Passionate entrepreneurs are leading its dynamic community with many startups focused on solving real-world problems. Norway has transparent laws and regulations and is centrally located between North America and Asia, making it the perfect place for startups that wish to take on the global market.

Historically Norway has a tradition of global trading making it one of the world's wealthiest countries. It's said to be one of the happiest places on the planet, so no wonder hustling entrepreneurs are smiling, as they get creative in coworking venues.