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About Jos

Known by the locals as "J-Town", Jos is a city in the Middle Belt of Nigeria with a population of about 900,000 residents milling about its streets or hanging out in coworking venues getting creative with ideas on how to solve their own local problems. The administration capital of the Plateau State, under British colonial rule it was the center for tin mining. Today it's the hot spot for trading and commercial activities with local businesses involved in food processing, the manufacture of cosmetics and furniture plus beer brewing. Heavy industry includes the likes of cement, crushed stone, tire retreads and rolled steel with its dam and reservoir on the Shen River providing water for its industries. Home to the University of Jos plus several teaching hospitals, there is a large number of tech savvy students in the city.

Nigeria's people are predominantly English speaking and it's becoming a hub for social businesses with some startups solving local issues whilst making money, such as "Wecyclers". The cultural epicentre for African youth through movies and online publications, both Google and Facebook have opened up their own hubs and launched accelerator programs. The country is on track to draw more venture capital than its South African and East African counterparts.

Nigeria is dubbed “Africa’s India” for its demographic stats. If today the population is “only” 173 million, making it the largest country in Africa, tomorrow, it should reach half a billion (2050) and likely a billion by the turn of next century. With so much buzz happening in Nigeria it's little wonder that cities such as Jos are seeing coworking spaces opening in their streets.