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Sitting in the mountainous coffee-growing region of western Colombia, Manizales is known for its steep streets and cultural events. It's located near the Nevado del Ruiz volcano and is the main center for the production of Colombian coffee, so this is one town that caffeine addicts will find hard to leave. An educational hub, there are plenty of tech hungry youth meandering its alleys in a creative haze or hiding out in coworking venues in collaborative mode. Founded in 1849, the city oozes its' Spanish heritage in its culture.

Manizales is the capital city of one of the smallest Colombian departments snuggled into the treacherous lands in the basin of the Chinchina River of The Andes that are prone to earthquakes, mud slides and volcanic eruptions. The whole area is cloaked in coffee plantations. History buffs can check out the man-condor sculpture honoring the revolutionary leader Simon Bolivar, plus the city's Neo Gothic Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary has a rooftop-viewing platform that is worth the stair hike to get to.

Manizales is no startup or tech hub, but like the rest of the small towns in Colombia it does have a rapidly expanding startup scene with significant government investment going into tech industries. Large incubators can be found in Medellin and Bogota and there are numerous startups making headlines such as "SiembraViva" that is fighting the urban-rural divide by connecting farmers to urban consumers. Another startup, "Viajala", has put all of Colombia's domestic airlines on a single user-friendly platform, so that its' users can get the best deal. Coworking venues have become the go-to places for these inventive souls to get their work done amidst likeminded souls even in the coffee mountains of the Andes.