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Consorcio Coworks, Asuncion

Consorcio Coworks


Working in an environment surrounded by people from diverse backgrounds, companies and experience, is highly productive f... More

Welco, Asuncion



Welco is more than a place where you come to work. It is an opportunity to get in touch with professionals, creative free... More

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Loffice Bulnes, Asuncion

Loffice Bulnes


Loffice offers a different proposal from traditional workspaces, opting for an open culture, supporting entrepreneurs wi... More

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Loffice Creative Hub Textilia, Asuncion

Loffice Creative Hub Textilia


Loffice offers a different proposal from traditional workspaces, opting for an open culture, supporting entrepreneurs wit... More

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Consorcio Coworks is one of the best I've been to in Latin America! The location is great; you have you... Show More
José Medina
I love coming to work everyday, here we have a great working environment, the offices are very confortabl... Show More
Ruthie Pereira
The best company to work with an excellent location, excellent atmosphere, they offer you a good stay and... Show More
Tanya Almada
Las oficinas y el edificio son modernos, con un buen ambiente para trabajar, musica tranquila y buena ilu... Show More
MaLi Dominguez Elizeche

A landlocked country bounded by Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina, Paraguay is cloaked in swampland, subtropical forest and a vast wilderness of savanna and scrubland. Sitting in Central America the country lies on the banks of the Paraguay River that runs through its middle, from north to south. It is often referred to as the "Heart of South America" where you can satisfy your hunger pangs by slurping on "sopa Paraguaya", the traditional dish of cornbread flavored with cheese and onion.

Think of the indigenous Guarani, Jesuit missions and the Spanish Empire as well as a few dictators implementing isolationist and protectionist policies, war and military coups, and you have the history of Paraguay in a nutshell. In the 1990s it joined Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay to found Mercosur, a regional economic collaborative. Its largest city and the capital is Asunción where nearly a third of its population lives. The city is perched on the Paraguay River and home to the Museo del Barro and the Government Palace.

Of Paraguay's 6,862,812 citizens, 45.9% are connected to the Internet, with 42.3% playing on Facebook. Paraguay faces similar problems to that of its neighboring countries in Latin America where the tech industry is concerned. There is a shortage of local talent to be had and securing funding is a huge obstacle. Huge segments of the population have no Internet access or even smartphones, with the general public being anxious about online fraud and the use of technology in general, whilst basic tech education is greatly lacking.

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