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About Takayama

Takayama is home to the Gifu University, the Kyoto University and the Nagoya University, so there are plenty of students wandering around its' streets in the city whose economy is based on agriculture, woodworking and guided tours into the mountains of its' backyard. Remote with a beautiful old town of narrow streets and traditional wooden merchants' houses from the Edo period, Takayama holds a famous biannual Takayama Festival that has been happening since the mid-1600s. This is when floats line the street and puppet shows will make you laugh. Coworking venues have opened their doors to cater not just to the students, but also to the adventurous locals who like to take a hike during their coffee breaks from work.

Japan does lag behind China and Silicon Valley, but the future holds a more positive outlook. The stability of corporate or public-sector jobs doesn't hold the same allure and youth who were once risk-averse, are now taking entrepreneurship to another level. The success of e-commerce and Internet gurus such as Mixi and Mercari are creating a new breed of entrepreneurs. Many successful founders are now investing in new companies and young people are becoming more attracted to what the startup world can offer, such as freedom in the way they work. Government incentives for startups are also bolstering the buzzing scene.

Beautiful and rural, Takayama is a destination for those who love nature, who love to play in the mountains and now that coworking venues have opened, where you can linger and hike with the locals for as long as you like.