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Bordered by the Finnish capital of Helsinki, Vantaa is where you will find the largest airport in Finland "Helsinki Airport", making it the airline hub of the Greater Helsinki region. Located in the south of Finland in the region of Uusimaa, it is separated from the Gulf of Finland by Helsinki. The city forms a part of the Finnish Capital Region, which is the core of the Greater Helsinki metropolitan area. The locals are bilingual chattering away in Finnish and Swedish as they hustle around the city streets where 221,821 souls live. Coworking venues have now opened their doors to cater to the creative tech savvy individuals who like to hang around their own backyard instead of traipsing into the big smoke each day.

The history buff will love the fact that the town dates back to the Stone Age. Early records from 1351 announce king Magnus II of Sweden granting salmon fishing rights on the Vantaa River to the Estonian Padise Monastery. Early settlement of this area was centered around the river and would have been a fisherman's paradise for its rich salmon waters, but then again at that time maybe fishing wasn't a leisure time pursuit but more of a dire necessity to feed ones family. It was during 1862 that the railway line came to town and Renaissance Revival styled railway station was built (the oldest station building in Finland). In 1978 this building's purpose was changed to that of the Vantaa City Museum.

Vantaa's economy is based around food, architectural engineering and machine industries and the city has a low unemployment rate. Mostly a suburban area with patches of rural landscape, Vantaa is typical of many cities in Finland in that it has its own dynamic tech ecosystem happening where locals hang out getting their stuff done in collaborative bliss in one of the coworking venues.