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A Mexican resort town reclining on the Pacific shoreline in the state of Sinaloa, Mazatian is aproned with sandy beaches flanked by a must-walk promenade. This is the hunting ground of those into big game fishing that is flush with historical buildings in its old heart. There are 9th Century landmarks plus the hip contemporary district of Zona Dorada where the party nightlife doesn't stop. The birthplace of "Banda sinaloense" music that is one of the most popular music genres in Mexico, Mazatian was founded in 1531 by an army of Spaniards. It became a bustling commercial seaport and served as the capital of Sinaloa from 1859 to 1873. Mazatian has a bustling population of 438,434 souls running around its streets making it the 2nd largest city in the state. You can grab a vehicle ferry to get to La Paz and Baja California Sur. The General Rafael Bueina International Airport serves the city when you need to get away. Coworking venues have opened up in Mazatian for its creative locals, as well as the wandering tourists who may just have to get some work done whilst they are trotting around the globe.

Startup ecosystems are thriving in Mexico and its transition to an innovation economy may just turn out to be one of the world's biggest economies in the next decade, if the government maintains its support for entrepreneurship by continuing to develop new initiatives to boost its growth. Mexico is at the heart of Latin America's tech revolution and has been the entry point for many global tech companies such as Uber, Google and Facebook in Latin America. It has a growing economy with widespread mobile coverage, low banking penetration and an underdeveloped lending system that is pushing Mexican fintech to success. About 40% of fintech startups in Mexico are involved in the niche markets of lending or remittances.

Coworking in Mazatian is a way of life for its entrepreneurs who like to be beside the seaside ducking out for some fresh seafood when the hunger pangs strike, as it is one of the most affordable countries to set up shop in.