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Concepcion, 440 Cochrane

CLP 8,000 / pp / day

Concepcion, Orompello 178 - 180

CLP 90,000 / pp / month

Concepcion, Barros Arana 438, Concepción,

CLP 125,000 / pp / month

Concepcion, 680 Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins


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About Concepcion

Known as the "university capital of Chile", Concepcion has a buzzing ecosystem happening due to its community of students and dynamic atmosphere. Sitting in the heart of Chile, Concepcion is rivaling Valparaiso in the ecosystem race. Despite having fewer than 100,000 citizens within its midst, there are dozens of educational institutes and colleges.

Coworking is an extension of this vibrant IT scene where not only wandering nomads with a laptop under their arm venture into. The locals join the coworking community whether they are students aiming to create that elusive unicorn to change their lives or professionals looking for an alternative to work from rather than setting up their own individual workplace.

The city's leaders believe that the combination of young tech hungry talent and business' demand for innovation is the bastion to build its startup community upon. Numerous informative workshops and seminars are held at the universities to encourage the collaboration between mentors and students. There are incubators affiliated with various educational facilities specializing in different fields where prospective investors and clever business minds get the chance to evaluate entrepreneurs' aspirations and to share commercial realities and experiences. Realism is one of the city's strengths, as they are up against the fact that there is no real consumer market for software and tech despite smartphone and Internet penetration being good. Most startups to-date have been in the financial industry.

A tourist friendly city founded in 1550, Concepcion is home to plenty of galleries, hip bars, restaurants and hotels, cobblestoned streets cloaked in colorful clapboard houses and a funicular to take you up the steep slopes. This is where you won't have to walk far to immerse yourself in the dynamic music scene for which it is renowned - quite a few of Chile's best rock groups started here.

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