0 Coworking Spaces in Villanueva de la Vera

About Villanueva de la Vera

A tiny town with about 2,163 folk calling it home, Villanueva de la Vera sits in the province of Caceres. The region is a protected natural landscape located north of Extremadura that is awash in many small historical and picturesque villages of which this is one. Cloaked in lush fields shaded by oaks and with numerous water streams tinkling in the grasslands, there are amazing views of the Gredos Mountains. A town for nature lovers, you won't get lost meandering its streets and you will have plenty of opportunities to mingle and rub shoulders with the locals. Coworking has popped up to cater to those that hate the smog of the big smoke, who would prefer to hang out in the wilds during their breaks from work or to simply sit on an outdoor terrace sipping coffee and people watching.

There are plenty of mountain trails to lose yourself on plus flowing waterways and steep ravines with natural lagoons and steep canyons to explore. For hikers this is a slice of paradise and if you happen to have a pair of binoculars a whole new birdie world will open up to you. It's for having picnics, pigging out on local gastronomic fare typical of little villages and enjoying a simple life. Stargazers will be impressed, as there is no light pollution to spoil the star-studded night sky.

A town for dreamers where you can clear your brain and bring an energy back into your work life, coworking here will give you the chance to share experiences, skills and wallow in a simple but beautiful life.