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Shanghai, 31/F Jin Mao Tower

CN¥2,780 / pp / month

Shanghai, 11/F, Garden Square

CN¥2,780 / pp / month

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Coworking in Shanghai About Shanghai

Expanding alongside the Yangtze River and boasting the largest port in the world, Shanghai exudes international opportunity. Regardless of where you're form, Shanghai is a chance to trade ideas and opportunities with people from across the globe.

Shanghai is filled with incredible sights and architecture to rival chic European cities, a nod to its colonial past. Shanghai is not built for the faint of heart, it's a maze of speed hungry highways, dark alleys, and friendly boulevards. There is a method to this madness and learning the hierarchy of the road is essential to navigating the chaotic traffic. Spoiler alert - you, the pedestrian, are the lowest man on the totem pole. Check yo self before you wreck yo self.

Most of the prominent areas are geographically close together and possible to walk around once inside a neighbourhood. Once you've figured out the best neighbourhoods, Shanghai's massive sprawl is far less intimidating. Buildings in central Shanghai sprout in between sacred temples and green spaces. Certain streets are chaotic and traditional while others resemble a quaint European neighbourhood.

Shanghai's biggest draw is the multitude of communities. No matter what your interest, Shanghai has a club or gathering of people exactly like you. Classy wine tasting? Rough and tumble mountain biking? Expat muscle builders? Local knitting clubs? Shanghai has got you covered. These communities keep you grounded and able to roll with the punches which come with living a never-ending adventure.

Coworking in Shanghai About Shanghai

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Coworking in China is rapidly expanding thanks to major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu acting as hubs for Chinese and international firms. In particular, the coworking scene in Shanghai has been fast developing in recent years. With Shanghai topping Forbes’ list of best cities for business, the dynamic city is home to many innovative companies that often operate out of coworking desk spaces. This is because cowork spaces in Shanghai provide access to communities of like-minded entrepreneurs, which creates unique opportunities for networking and acquiring new talent.

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From enterprise teams and Fortune 500 companies to freelancers and startups, many professionals find coworking desks in Shanghai to be fundamental to their operations. In Shanghai, cowork spaces are ideal for remote work, making them an extremely popular choice. Many of the top coworking office providers offer not only coworking desk space rentals, but on-demand access to meeting rooms, private offices, and much more. Coworking spaces in Shanghai typically host presentations and networking events for members as well, which is great for professional development.

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Selecting the best cowork space in Shanghai for your needs can seem challenging at first, since there are so many options for coworking offices. Luckily, Coworker simplifies the process of choosing the ideal cowork space that meets all of your needs. By using Coworker’s easy-to-use search, you can narrow your options for coworking space in Shanghai by features such as capacity, pricing, location, accessibility, and more. Coworker makes finding the perfect coworking space in Shanghai a simplified process by allowing you to read through real reviews of the coworking desks from actual users and current members.

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