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About Glarus Sud

Comprising of the upper Linth Valley, the entire Sernf Valley and the villages of Betschwanden, Braunwald, Diesbach, Elm, Engi, Haslen, Hatzingen, Leuggelbach, Linthal, Luchsingen, Matt and the list goes on, Glarus Sud is a municipality in the Swiss canton of Glarus. The other municipalities are Glarus and Glarus Nord.

Glarus Sud is the smallest canton capital in Switzerland and is snuggled in between mountains sitting at the foot of the Glarisch Ridge. This is the town for the intrepid souls into mountain action of all sorts from climbers to walkers, cyclists and even curious amateur geologists. For such an eclectic group of outdoor lovers and innovative locals, coworking spaces have opened their doors in the city.

A holiday region that does get a huge influx of tourists, it was once a hub for decorative textiles gaining a global reputation for them during the 19th Century. Really close to the city is the hiking region of the Klöntal with the Klöntalersee that has a wealth of natural beauty to impress you. Via the Pragel Pass you can reach the Muotathal in the Canton of Schwyz. This is where General Suworow's army fled to Glarus in 1799. The wild rumour spread that the Russians lost their war chest in the waters of the thundering Klöntalersee. Many divers have frozen their bits and pieces diving the waters in an attempt to find it. There is also a man-made dam that is ideal for fishing in the summer and skating in the winter if you don't want to go out alone in the wild yonder.

Coworking venues are catering to this outdoorsy crowd where they can hang out in the warmth slurping coffee, swapping impossible stories or merely getting some work done. At the end of the day it is de rigueur to head for one of the bars and gorge on "zigerstockli" the famous local cheese with your vino.