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Known as "Boone River Country" due to the fact that the city sits along the meandering Boone River, Webster City is in the state of Iowa. Originally known as Newcastle, the name was changed in 1854. Its main claim to fame appears to be that the Dubuque & Sioux City railway passed through the city to Fort Dodge. Unless you are into outdoor escapism, you may not wish to wallow here for long.

Having a total of 11 parks, 2 golf courses, indoor and outdoor public swimming pools and a recreation center, Webster City is probably not somewhere you would wish to be unless you want to camp under the stars in one of the parks and watch the grass grow. A bit of a suburban mum and dad environment, the city appears to have plenty of picnic tables and sporting facilities to keep the locals happy. There are a few walking trails that you can rollerblade along if so inclined, a canoe access point in Nokomis Park and an 18 hole golf course for those that chase white balls around green grass. At the Briggs Woods Park there is a grand total of 4 cabins to inhabit whilst doing a bit of fishing or boating on a 62-acre lake. The most exciting event appears to be the Boone Bash River Dash during June each year.

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