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About Independence

Sitting on the wet bank of the Williamette River along the Oregon Route 51, Independence has 30 square blocks on the National Register of Historic Places.

Founded by pioneers around 1845 it thrived as a shipping point for both rail and boat. It was known for its "hops" production from the 1890s to the 1940s. Ash Creek flows through this small town that only covers 7.3 square kilometers, so you definitely won't miss out on saying "good morning" to your neighbors. With a population of a mere 8,590 it can hardly be called a tech hub, but it now has coworking venues popping up on its streets to cater to its innovative locals who have no desire to leave their own back yard.

Oregon in general has a rapidly forming tech enclave with many already established leaders in their respective industries supporting and advising startups with the benefit of their own experience on hand. It is home to the University of Oregon where Nike veteran Ellen Schmidt-Devlin instigated an 18-month sports product management master's program on all aspects of the business for aspiring entrepreneurs. Oregon is becoming the hottest destination for startups with its vibrant and inspiring tech scene being nurtured and supported by many public and private individuals.

It is little wonder that coworking venues have popped up in Independence in spite of its small size, as its locals have big ideas, just like everyone else in Oregon.