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A port city in Washington State sitting on the banks of Puget Sound, Tacoma is known for its' Museum of Glass, which houses works by artist Dale Chihuly plus others. For the artsy soul there is also the Tacoma Art Museum with a strong regional focus, as well as the Washington State History Museum for the history buff to explore. Located 51km southwest of Seattle, Tacoma is 93km northwest of Mount Rainier National Park and has a population of around the 198,397 mark. This is the business hub of the region and coworking venues have opened up in the city streets to give the locals who think out-of-the-box the place to meetup, to connect and to collaborate with other likeminded souls.

Currently the United States is seeing fewer people taking the plunge into the startup realm compared to previous years, Tacoma is like many other small cities where high-tech businesses need to regroup, rethink and rehash to come up with new ideas that haven't been exploited by the tech giants. Tech startups are an important ingredient in productivity growth. This slowing down of new tech businesses is being attributed to numerous factors, such as an aging population and fewer technologies and ideas to exploit. The tech titans such as Facebook, Apple and Amazon are dominating the playing field leaving less room for innovators to break in.

With a mature ecosystem, the fledgling startups of the United States today need to dream bigger, get craftier and widen their imaginations to capture a new market space. Coworking venues are providing the space for collaboration for the tech savvy souls who have the hope and the will to succeed, or simply providing the space to work for remote workers.