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Basel, Grosspeter Tower

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If anywhere is warm in Switzerland, apparently this is considered to be one of the warmest cities.  Sitting on the Rhine River in the northwest of Switzerland, Basel is one of the largest open-air archeological museums in Europe, so there is no need to breathe in musty air in confined spaces from eons ago when chasing an historical high.  Attracting about 2 million tourists a year, it is definitely a tourist hub with all the modern attachments that this implies.

Once upon a time, precisely in 44 BC, it was a Roman settlement and the excavated remnants of this history is the major draw card for the city that was once a Roman Fort named "Basilia" from the year 370 AD.  Definitely one for those into ancient history, there is a boundless supply of ruins, artifacts and ghosts of long past to keep you entertained.  The old town's heart is "Marktplatz" that is lorded over by a red-sandstone Town Hall.  There are gothic cathedrals, tombs and all the usual remnants of an ancient existence hanging around waiting to be explored. 

If you just so happen to be in Basel on the first Monday following Ash Wednesday you can witness first hand the crazy goings on by the locals decked out in masks, wigs and costumes, as it is part of the carnival "Fasnacht".

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