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Standard space in cheap price and easy access for transportation. Great working environment. Best place f... Show More
Sukriti Shrestha
An ideal place for incubating your idea with rent as low as 2 cups of coffee per day. Really nice ambienc... Show More
Kusl Stha
Kathmandu is learning new culture and trending and Workaround is itself an output of ingenuity and hard w... Show More
Nabin Bajracharya
Nice atmosphere with super speed internet, great amenities and special offers, passes to the members in ... Show More
Mahima Singh

While many think of Nepal as one of the most spiritual destinations in the world, the chaos of its capital city is enough to quell any thoughts in that direction almost instantly. Fortunately, the roots of Kathmandu's cultural heritage run deep, and the city tantalizing glimpses of art, history, and culture are enough to entice most visitors.

The city's interesting contrasts, like juxtaposition of its ancient and renowned shrines and temples with the edgy, urban spirit of areas like Freak Street, are what make it such an appealing destination for people seeking a sense of diversity. Local arts like paper printing and carpet-weaving are abundant, and add to the colour of its vibrant boutiques and street shops. A relatively inexpensive price index makes it easy for a traveller to get around the city and explore its several culinary and lifestyle options.

Of course, one of the biggest lures of Nepal is its beautiful location in the nest of the world's highest mountain range, the Himalayas, and Kathmandu valley is at the very heart of it. With a number of hiking operators and trails in and around the city, the adventure enthusiast can find a number of pursuits to occupy the weekends and explore the natural beauty of the region.

The idea of co-working spaces has been picking up heavily over the past few years in Nepal, given its prominence as a tourist hotbed. As a market that has not yet been fully saturated, with plenty of opportunities for connecting with local talent, app developers, restaurateurs, and non-profit organizations alike find it an ideal location to test their ideas.

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