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About Hamilton

The capital city of Bermuda that is a British Island Territory in the North Atlantic, Hamilton is a major port and a tourist enclave. Cloaked in colonial buildings of pastel hues, this pretty town has a small population of about the 1,010 mark making it one of the smallest capital cities. Despite its size, Hamilton is the offshore domicile of numerous foreign companies and has an international business economy. For those into having the odd drink, this is home to the registered headquarters of Bacardi. The low corporate tax rate makes it attractive to US companies especially international shipping companies such as Dockwise and Frontline Ltd. Hamilton has the highest cost of living index in the world, so don't expect to have a cheap time here. Coworking venues opening up in Hamilton is actually a no brainer, considering its economy.

Bermuda is seen as having a lot of potential for tech companies, and the government is wanting to create a tech hub on the island in an attempt to help build the economy with a new industry. There are a few hurdles to be overcome such as there is no guarantee that Bermuda will retain its tax advantages and any companies contemplating setting up shop would have to make a commitment, not just keep a post office box. The other significant factor is the high cost of doing business in Bermuda. Bermuda College and other learning institutions are spewing out tech-savvy youth, but many are leaving the island in pursuit of greener pastures.

Bermuda does have some advantages going for it such as its robust financial infrastructure and its time zone between London and Silicon Valley. It's hoped that if the tech hub forges ahead, it will encourage those brave souls with out-of-the-box minds to return to their home ground. Coworking venues are creating a space where visions can be shared, and dreams can come true.