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About Vila do Conde

Sitting in the Norte Region of Portugal, Vila do Conde is one of the oldest settlements in northern Portugal perched on the Portuguese Way of the Camino de Santiago. Its origins date back to 953 but artifacts have been discovered from the Paleolithic period, think 100,000 to 15,000 years ago and to this day archaeological digs are going on in about a dozen sites around the city. As one can imagine, it has been run over too many times to count by various marauding hordes. With a population of about 36,137 souls, you shouldn't have any trouble making new friends either wandering the streets, sitting in one of the quirky bars or hanging around the coffee machine in a coworking venue.

Portugal is rising unshackled from almost half a century of authoritarian rule and is trying to reinvent itself as Europe's leading tech hub. Known for its cheap rents, incredible cultural scene and awesome quality of life, Portugal is promoting the fact that it also has an economy based on knowledge and an entrepreneurial community that is growing by the day.

With its change in government, wealth of tech talent and the fact that nearly everyone speaks English, Portugal is seeing the return of many of its youth that had fled to what they perceived to be better startup shores. Vila do Conde, like many other small towns in Portugal is where you can have the perfect life/work balance without breaking your bank account. With the advent of coworking spaces, it's not only the innovative locals hanging out in the establishments, but wandering globe-trotters who have discovered how mouthwatering Portugal's iconic "pastéis de nata" are.