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About Stratford

Settled in 1832, Stratford sits on the Avon River in the southwestern area of Ontario.  In tune with the symbolic swan on its flag, 24 white swans are released at the Avon River on an annual basis amongst much fanfare.  Historically a railway junction, furniture manufacturing became the backbone of its economy.

Home to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival that began in 1953, it is North America's biggest classical repertory of theater. Tourist hordes annually flock to Stratford to be a part of this major event that is celebrated in 4 theaters around the city: the Festival Theatre, the Avon Theatre, Tom Patterson Theatre and the Studio Theatre.  During this time you can go on a Festival Theater Garden tour, take in the Costume Warehouse tour, a backstage sticky beak or simply join one of the many pre or post performance discussion groups.  It is a theater buffs ultimate time to indulge in their passion with like-minded people. 

Street art adorns fences, buildings and streetlamps, whilst sculptures will pop up when you least expect them to around the city.  The city heart is dynamic and cosmopolitan with a sophisticated arty feel that is just short of being bohemian in a lush urban scape of greenery gone mad.  This is definitely the town to don some walking shoes or throw the leg over and start pedaling a bike through one of the verdant parklands or along the waterfront. Every conceivable water sport that you can imagine can be indulged in from fishing charters to wind surfing.  You can hike trails and camp overnight or for the twitter enthusiast there is a vast array of birdlife to spy upon.  On a sunny day the Shakespearean Gardens are the perfect spot for a picnic or for the cultural hit, go to the Stratford-Perth Museum.
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