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Lausanne is pleasantly positioned among the hills at the north end of Lake Geneva affording it a variety of natural features for enjoyment. Activities and festivities can be found at all times of the year lakeside, and a simple stroll along its banks can provide a serene air of contentment. The center of the town possesses a massive tribute to gothic architecture in its Cathedral tower, which you can climb to the top of for a splendid view. Museums are plentiful here and wide ranging, offering an educational look at many aspects of the European and Swiss past.

Lausanne offers an eclectic mix of neighborhoods to explore, from the modern trendy revitalized Flon to the more reserved hills of Ouchy to the medieval old town that possesses the aforementioned cathedral and a conglomeration of markets and gothic architecture. A boat trip or two out of the Port of Ouchy and into the surrounding areas is highly recommended as well, where magnificent scenery and villages rest peacefully along the lake. Switzerland is a lovely place with lovely scenery, food, beer, architecture, and people. Lausanne sports all of these in ample quantities, providing anyone plenty of reasons to settle in for a while.